Princess’ Military Rate

Princess’s Military Policy and Current Cruise Deals

 Instead of offering a discounted rate off some cruise sailings, Princess offers an onboard credit on every sailing of six days or more.

This special military benefit is eligible on any cruise, any time of the year and can be used to purchase a wide variety of amenities and experiences on your Princess cruise ship.

Princess’s Military Benefits: Free Onboard Spending Money*

Cruise Length


14 days or longer

$250 per person

7 – 13 days

$100 per person

6 days or less

$50 per person

Your Military Cruise Deals travel agent will request this benefit for you and submit all forms necessary.

Once approved, the onboard spending money will be automatically applied to any future cruise you book with Princess! This special benefit is available to you on any Princess cruise and is combinable with other deals.

Princess is a more elegant cruise line, yet it is still surprisingly affordable.

There are 17 ships in the Princess fleet. Most of their ships are less than 10 years old and hold around 3000 passengers.

Princess’s newest ship is called the Princess Royal, and is due to take her maiden voyage in June 2012.  Starts sailing in June 2013 - book it today!

Click on links below to see the latest Princess cruise options and the best deals available today. Remember, the rates below do NOT include OUR ADDITIONAL military discount. So be sure to CALL us to book once you’ve decided which ship and sail date you’d prefer.  866-964-5482

Best last-minute cruise deal on Princess today: 10-day cruise leaving Oct. 31 from NY, inside cabins start at $399.

Princess cruises to Bahamas and Caribbean in next 6 months – inside cabins start at $379

Last-minute Princess sailings in 2012

All Princess sailings from Galveston

Princess sailings to Bermuda, leaving from New Jersey, Boston, NYC, and Baltimore

Princess sailings leaving from Los Angeles, going to Mexico, Hawaii and along Northern Coast to Vancouver

Princess sailings from San Francisco: to Mexico, Alaska and Hawaii

Princess sailings to South Pacific destinations, including Papeete/ Polynesia and Bora Bora and Sydney

The Dawn, Sea, Sun and Diamond ships are doing Australian and New Zealand itineraries, starting now through the next six months.

The Princess ships: Coral, Golden, Island, Sapphire and Diamond are all doing Alaska itineraries from May to Sept of 2103. Inside cabins start at $699.

The Ocean and Crown Princess ships will be cruising northern Europe in 2013. The least expensive balcony is currently $1749. It’s a popular cruise destination!

Princess is one of the few lines to offer cruises that depart from Athens and end in Venice or Rome.  – cabins start at $449.

Princess’s Military Rates Terms & Conditions

Applications to receive this benefit must be made no later than 14 days to cruise departure date. Requests will be handled within 7 days. Once your request has been processed, an updated Booking Confirmation will be forwarded to you or your travel agent. Onboard spending money can be applied before or after you have booked your cruise.

Offer is valid for eligible military personnel in the U.S. and Canada only. Maximum of two onboard credit offers per stateroom. This offer cannot be used for casino credits/charges and gratuities, discretionary hotel and dining charges. Onboard spending money is applied to the folio of the veteran or active duty personnel’s stateroom. Offer excludes Travel Agent and Interline fares. Offer is combinable with other Onboard Credit offers. Other restrictions may apply.

Eligibility includes active military, retired military and disable military veterans with proper verification as outlined below.

Please ensure that documentation provided has the Social Security Number crossed out.

  • Active personnel currently serving in the following service divisions:

  • i – United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard or Reserves with a copy of a military verification certificate confirming active duty status available for free online at

  • ii – Canadian National Defense — NDI 20 — Canadian Forces Identification Card

  • Retired Personnel defined as A) enlisted personnel or officers with a minimum of 20 years of service, B) medically retired, or C) 100% disabled. Proper identification for United States is a BLUE or TAN Uniformed Identification Card. For Canadians, NDI 75 – Record of Service Identification Card or CF 75 or cert ificate of discharge; is used.

  • Veterans with an Honorable Discharge serving a minimum of 2 years or 6 months in an active war zone in any of the United States service divisions listed above or in the Canadian National Defense. Proper identification in the form of a DD 214, plus a current photo ID is required. For Canadians, Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) Health Identification Card is used.

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