If you want to get as many military discounts as possible applied to your next cruise vacation, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s what we do for you: We add our own military discounts and amenities to every cruise ship and every sailing,

in addition to any military discount or special deals offered by the cruise line.

Even when the cruise line does not offer a military discount, WE DO!

So when military folks like you book with us, they pay the lowest possible rate for everything in their cruise vacation package and get the most benefits and amenities; such as, on-board credits, upgrades and free gratuities – guaranteed!

Although most cruise lines will only apply the military discount to the cabin that contains an active or retired member of the military, we will give our military discount to all cabins that contain any friends and family of military personnel.  So, although military dependents will not qualify for the cruise line’s military rate, they always qualify for our discount!

This is great for you if you’re cruising with a large group. When everyone in your party gets our military discount, the total savings could be thousands of dollars.


How can we save you money even AFTER your cruise is booked and paid for?

Imagine if your travel agent called you and said, “I’ve been keeping an eye on your cruise. This morning the cruise line lowered the price of your cabin category by $200 per person, and I was able to refare it to that new lower rate.  So, I just wanted to let you know that $400 has been refunded to your credit card. That’s all. Have a nice day.”

Or, “I checked on your cruise status today and there was a free-upgrade offer available, so I can get you moved up from deck 6 to deck 10 if you’d like?”

And, “Our agency has qualified for a $50 on-board credit for your cabin. Expect to see a $50 deduction off your bill for on-board expenditures. “

We make phone calls like that on a regular basis, because even after our clients book with us, we STILL are on the lookout for ways they can get more and pay less.

Between the time you book your cruise and your cruise sails, we monitor the cruise line’s rate, and if it ever becomes less than what you paid, we contact the cruise line and request that they refare your cruise to the new lower rate, upgrade you to a higher category, or provide an on-board credit for the difference.


Here’s another secret on how you’ll save money when booking your cruise with us …

You’ll pay no fees!

We have no fees of our own. We charge no fees of any kind. Ever.

We make all the changes, cancellations you need, provide hours of phone support at all hours of the night, on Sundays, on holidays, on New Years Day morning, and never ask for a dime.

We believe providing good customer service is the most important thing we do.

We’re cruise experts. We care. And we’re always available by phone or email.


If you already know the name of the ship and sail date of the cruise you’d like to take, call 866-964-5482.

We’ll calculate our additional military discounts, make sure you’ve received all the benefits you’re entitled to, and book everything for you over the phone.

We can also provide discounted military quotes by email or online chat.


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